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  • 2021-09-24

    When it comes to electric toothbrushes, my classmates have been using them when they were in college in 16 years, but they have not dared to try it, because at that time, the price of 40+ US dollars of electric toothbrushes was still a bit "luxury" for the student party. But now that I stepped into

  • 2021-11-26

    There are few electric toothbrush products on the market specifically for travel scenes. Most of them are designed for fixed home environment. The only suitable one is Kangyu's ultraviolet disinfection electric toothbrush.This one, what I like is its storage box and its own ultraviolet disinfection.

  • 2021-11-25

    The biggest advantage of Kangyu sonic electric toothbrush is that it can enable anyone to find a gear and strength suitable for their mouth. The adjustment freedom is very high, especially for people with sensitive teeth, so it is easier to find the most comfortable gear. It can give teeth a stable

  • 2021-11-24

    With the improvement of living standards, many friends pay more and more attention to oral health, and the most basic protection of teeth is brushing teeth every day, but the posture, strength and time of brushing teeth will directly affect the effect of tooth cleaning. Traditional toothbrushes are

  • 2021-11-22

    What are the recommended affordable electric toothbrushes for students?Look at someone said to rotate the electric toothbrush wear teeth, and then a little tangled. The author's concern about tooth wear with mechanical electric toothbrushes is actually justified. After all, enamel, while hard, is th

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